About us

PATA Saldus AS, a company with many decades of experience in the forest industry. The company’s core activities are forestry and wood processing.

By 2094, the company has entered into a long-term contract with State Joint Stock company Latvijas Valsts meži for logging of the territory with the total area 40,000 ha. PATA Saldus AS owns 5,000 ha of forests, which the company continues to increase by acquiring felling areas and properties from the private forest owners throughout Latvia. PATA Saldus AS carries out full-cycle forest management, both in its own properties and provides such services to other legal and private individuals. Every year soil is being prepared for artificial reforestation, cultures are stocked and tended as well as improvement felling is carried out. Through attraction of the co-funding from the EU structural funds the required forestry works are carried out in order to ensure reforestation, forest maintenance and its value increase by performing environment friendly and non-depleting forest management and working in compliance with the requirements and recommendations of PEFC and FSC forest management and wood supply chain certificates. The logging process is ensured by nine supporting tractors and six harvesters as well as other suitable auxiliary equipment at the company’s disposal.

Part of the wood obtained and purchased as a result of the forest management process is processed into high quality coniferous sawn timber. The company possesses two highly mechanised wood sawing lines, which yield up to 300,000 m3 of sawn timber annually. The sawmills process coniferous sawlogs with diameter 10–55 cm and length 3.7–6.1 m. The produced sawn timber is dried in the company’s owned sawn timber drying plants with a recuperation system, which ensures energy efficiency even up to the final humidity KD8% +/-2%, as well as it is extended and sorted depending on the cross-section and quality in accordance with the Scandinavian quality requirements and customers’ needs. In the wood processing process PATA Saldus AS operates in accordance with the requirements of energy management system (LVS EN ISO 50’001:2012) certificate.

The main target markets for put-out production are: Austria, Germany, Asia and the Baltic States.